Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Free Bookkeeping and Accounting Excel Spreadsheet Template for Small Business

Occasionally, we come across a free tool that could be of use to our readers.  When we do, we like to bring it to you.  We have found a free bookkeeping and accounting spreadsheet template for small business that we think could be very useful to you, our reader.  It is an Excel based spreadsheet, and it allows the user to track the deposits and withdrawals of up to three checking accounts.  The spreadsheet summarizes up to 5,000 transactions per account in cash basis receipts and disbursement statements.  The spreadsheet even compiles the three accounts into a single consolidated statement.   It is easy setup, just enter your company's name, account names, and beginning account balances.  Then, begin entering your deposit and withdrawal information with pre-assigned, easy to use, dropdown choices. 

Checkalyzer Screen Shot
We have reviewed the spreadsheet and find it to be very useful, and an excellent choice for small businesses who do not want to have to learn a bookkeeping software.  And, it's free, there are no catches!!  If you want a good, solid, and FREE bookkeeping and accounting spreadsheet, we encourage you to download this Excel spreadsheet.
Click here to download the spreadsheet, then click save.


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